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Year 10 students embark on 'The Old Banger' project

On Friday 13 November 2020, all of Year 10 ventured out of the Academy to undertake a research project in Mathematics. The project was based upon the age, make and model of cars that were parked in the car park at the back of the Elutec Academy.

'The Old Banger' project required each student to collect data from the cars parked on that day in order for them to analyse the data and present their findings. Each Year 10 student had to collect the first two letters and number from the registration number, along with the make and model of each car. The students had to collect at least 25 pieces of data in order to make their data reliable. From this data, the students were able to determine the 'average' age of the car, the mode of the letters used, alongside the mode of the make and model.

All of the data was analysed and each student produced a report with their findings which is displayed within the Academy.





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