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Jack Petchey Achievement Awards

We are proud to announce that the following Elutec Academy students have been awarded the Jack Petchey Achievement Award:

20220121 150821 Imal      

Imal, year 12, winner in November 2021

Imal is a helpful student who is ready to assist any time. During the school's open evenings Imal assisted staff with organising and arranging fixtures for the events. He managed this very well alongside his school work and end of year assessments. Imal deserves recognition for his efforts.

 20220111 122559 Millie2


Millie, year 12, winner in October 2021

Millie showed dedication to her school work and Cadet group outside of school, even in time of injury.

During the October half term, Millie went snowboarding and sustained an injury to her leg. This resulted in Millie being on crutches and attending regular hospital appointments. Millie has continued to remain focused and determined to be in school on time and take part in all activities including helping out with the Sixth Form open evening. Her determination and continued engagement within school and out of school activities is greatly admirable.

 20220110 111422 Jensen2


Jensen, year 10, winner in September 2021

Jensen shows gentleness and kindness to people around him, and especially to those in need of help.

During the school's last charity event in support of Water Aid, Jensen did not only take part but donated his pocket money for the week to this worthy cause. This is such a simple but deep act of kindness for a young person.

Well done and congratulations to all the students!

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