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Please click below to view the Year 10 introductory video

Students applying for a Year 10 place this year, until December 2021, please use the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham application process as follows:

LBBD Gov. School Admissions

In-Year booklet explanation

Year 10 Applications for September 2022 are now closed!

Students applying for a Year 10 place for September 2022 please complete the form below:

Child's Details

Main home address

Education Details

Additional Information

Special Educational Needs

Does your child have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education and Healthcare Plan?
Does your child have any other needs you feel we should know about?

Child In Care

Is or was your child in the care of a local authority?

If yes, which local authority was responsible?

Please also provide a letter from the social worker confirming the legal status of the child and name of the local authority the child is/was in the care of.


Is the child in the country now?
How Did You Hear About Us

Parent / Carer Details

Main Contact

Parental Declaration