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Interim Board

Following the March 2017 Ofsted inspection an Interim Board was appointed to fulfil all functions of a governing body and to conduct the school in a way that ensures improvement and promotes high standards of educational achievement.

The main purpose of the IB is to secure governance of the school and develop a sound basis for school improvement so that the school makes rapid and sustainable improvements in response to areas for improvement as identified by Ofsted full and monitoring inspections.

The Interim Board has taken on all functions previously delegated to sub-committees of the Board of Trustees. The Interim Board meets at least monthly during term-time.

Members of the Interim Board

Name Representing Appointment Date
Jenny Carpenter# Independent Chair 23 April 2018
Patrick Chandler* Elutec Trustee – Ford Motor Company 1 May 2018
Robert Cohen* Elutec Trustee – independent 19 April 2017
Nick Tyler* Elutec Trustee - UCL 29 April 2019
  Non-Voting members:
Kim Donovan-Maddix* Principal of Elutec 23 April 2017
Daryl Kilner Clerk to the IB 1 May 2018

# Jenny Carpenter is paid a fee for being Chair of the Interim Board and is not a Trustee.
*  Denotes also a Trustee of Elutec

Elutec Register of Interests

Governor attendance at meetings


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees fulfil the statutory duties of directors and governors and have delegated to the Interim Board all its governance functions except those that cannot legally be delegated in terms statute and the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

The Articles make provision for the following Trustees:

The Principal is an ex-officio trustee
Two parent trustees elected by parents
Up to 10 trustees appointed by the Members.


Name Representing Appointment Date
Robert Cohen Independent Chair 5 November 2014
Patrick Chandler Ford Motor Company – Sponsor 13 October 2014
Bill Williams Centre for Engineering & Manufacturing Excellence – Member & Sponsor 26 May 2011
Professor Alistair Greig Faculty of Engineering, University College London – Sponsor 25 May 2016
Janice Godwin-Samuel Parent Trustee 9 December 2016
Nick Tyler UCL - Sponsor 29 April 2019
Kim Donovan-Maddix Principal of Elutec and Chief Accounting Officer 1 May 2018





Elutec is required by its Articles to have at least three members. The current members are:

Centre for Engineering & Manufacturing Excellence
Robert Cohen
Prospects Learning Foundation



Mr R Cohen website

Robert Cohen

Chief Executive, Corum Advisers Limited
Chair of Governors – Linked to Maths

Mr R Cohen_websiteRobert Cohen is an experienced and entrepreneurial chief executive who founded and developed business and property ventures and had diverse corporate experience of leadership in manufacturing and distribution, banking and retail. He holds a B. Comm and MBA. He spent the formative years of his career with a large industrial group where he progressed through strategy and finance then becoming head of manufacturing and ultimately chief executive of a business with 5 manufacturing sites, 40 distribution and retail outlets and over 4,000 employees. In this role he was involved in major change programmes and negotiations with unions, government and business groupings as South Africa transitioned to democracy and new ways of working. He subsequently co-founded a private equity investment group (listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange) which targeted growing entrepreneurial businesses that needed both finance and skills in order to achieve their potential. He spent seven years in the City of London, as head of group investments for a bank where he chaired numerous investment banking committees, subsidiaries and investee companies, as well as being on the credit and risk committees. He currently runs a property investment and development portfolio.

A large part of his career has been involved with manufacturing businesses including construction. He values the technical and human skills required in these sectors which are vital to the success of our societies. Manufacturing and design is detailed and often difficult work, but it provides far more satisfaction for its practitioners than many other occupations. In a globalised world these skills and careers hold out great opportunities for young people and he wants to be part of promoting and encouraging education and opportunity in design and engineering. He believes that the opportunity to work with our world leading industry and university sponsors is a huge advantage for Elutec’s students.


Mr P Chandler website

Pat Chandler

Manager Chassis Integration, Global Commercial Vehicles, Ford Motor Company UK
Governor – Linked to Engineering

Mr P Chandler_websitePat currently manages a team of 50 engineers, working in the UK, North America, Germany, China and Turkey. Previously he had programs based in Japan with Mazda on the new Fiesta programme.
Pat’s responsibilities have expanded from the delivery of European programs to global ones. He has to manage conflicting market requirements and rationalise specifications and expectations to ensure the philosophy of truly global products is delivered.
His responsibilities start with initial design concepts and their development, formulation of the budget, resource plan and manpower, development of engineering statements of work and the sourcing of design development partners and manufacturers.
He is also responsible for the welfare, development and progression of the Chassis Team in the UK. This includes health and safety, human resource issues, training and ensuring that they delivery is to the highest standards on time. The team is very loyal to the Transit programme and there is a good mixture of ages, experiences and expertise in the group.
Pat was approached by one of the directors at Ford to support Elutec. He really enjoys this role and through the two supervisors Scott Lister and Mike Corder, he feels that Ford has supported Elutec very well.
He looks forward to continuing to support Elutec for the young people of the area, continuing and seeing it go from strength to strength.

Mr B Williams website

Bill Williams

Chief Executive, The Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (CEME)
Governor – Linked to Product Design and Partner Engagement

Mr B Williams_websiteWhen he first became aware of the UTC movement, he was struck and enthused by this fantastic new education concept. Offering its students the opportunity to study the national curriculum whilst focusing on vocational skills with a deep integration of employers is a fantastic concept. He believed that a successful UTC would provide its students with life changing opportunities. Elutec, situated in the centre of the engineering and industrial heartlands of London, is a perfect location, providing local youngsters with an interest in engineering and manufacturing a fantastic education experience and engaging with employers in innovative ways to give its students employment life skills alongside an excellent education experience. This was, and remains his driver and enthusiasm for Elutec to become the leading engineering UTC in the country by 2018.


Mr A Greig website

Alistair Greig

Professor of Marine Engineering, University College London (UCL)
Governor – Linked to ICT

Mr A Greig_websiteAlistair Greig’s research interests cover a broad range of topics including warship design, control and marine machinery integration with particular emphasis on advanced craft and the impact of new technology and legislation. Areas of interest include modelling marine propulsion plant and high speed multihull craft, in conjunction with partners in the USA under the ONR funded ACCESS project. Subjects encompassing the environmental impact of ships; ballast water exchange modelling (with Prof Eames); the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI); low carbon shipping (with Prof Bucknall) and more efficient use of energy within ships.

IMG 4161 e1490301401366

Janice Godwin-Samuel

Parent Governor – Linked to English and German

Janice has a portfolio of roles including Deputy Chair of a Ministry of Justice Advisory Committee, exam invigilator and personal assistant.
She has over 25 years of extensive experience in various roles, in both the public and private sectors from office manager to paralegal among others.
As a local parent, Janice is familiar with the socio-economic issues that can affect our young people’s future. She intends to help improve their chances of success in their personal and professional lives by using her skills and experience to continue to develop Elutec’s progress, working relationships with their sponsors and in seeking new working partnerships.
Janice believes that Elutec has the huge potential of becoming a centre of design, engineering & technology excellence & she aims to do her best to ensure that our young people leave Elutec confident, inspired and fully equipped to pursue the next step for a successful career in their chosen field.

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