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Senior Leadership Team    
    Name Post Email
Ms K Donovan-Maddix Principal kdm@elutec.co.uk
Mrs C Bannister Assistant Principal & Head of Science and Engineering c.bannister@elutec.co.uk
Mrs A Hussain Assistant Principal & Head of Maths a.hussain@elutec.co.uk
Mrs D Kilner School Business Manager d.kilner@elutec.co.uk
Ms S Unsworth Assistant Principal & SENCO s.unsworth@elutec.co.uk
    Name Post/Subject Email
Mr M Ali Curriculum Team Leader Computer Science m.ali@elutec.co.uk
Mrs C Andrews Reception/Admin c.andrews@elutec.co.uk
Ms S Bannister Student Engagement Coordinator s.bannister@elutec.co.uk
Ms  D Burgess Marketing Administrator d.burgess@elutec.co.uk
Mrs  S Conway Marketing Administrator s.conway@elutec.co.uk
Mr R Dagless Lead Practitioner, Engineering r.dagless@elutec.co.uk
Mr R David Maths Teacher r.david@elutec.co.uk
Mr J Dickins Workshop Technician j.dickins@elutec.co.uk
Mr L Ellis Examinations Officer rl.ellis@elutec.co.uk
Mr Gonzalez Learning Mentor/TA a.gonzalez@elutec.co.uk
Mr N Gray Engineering Teacher n.gray@elutec.co.uk
Mr P Harrington Biology & PE Teacher p.harrington@elutec.co.uk
Mr D Harris Learning Mentor/TA d.harris@elutec.co.uk
Mrs G Howard PA to the Principal/HR Manager g.howard@elutec.co.uk
Mr A Learmouth Chef a.learmouth@elutec.co.uk
Mrs S Mbon French Teacher s.mbon@elutec.co.uk
Mr C Montague Caretaker/Driver c.montague@elutec.co.uk
Mrs B Narula Physics Teacher b.narula@elutec.co.uk
Miss G Nsubuga Curriculum Team Leader of English g.nsubuga@elutec.co.uk
Miss E Phipps Media/English Teacher e.phipps@elutec.co.uk
Mrs S Porter Pastoral Support Manager s.porter@elutec.co.uk
Mrs S Sreevalsalan Science Teacher s.sreevalsalan@elutec.co.uk
Mrs M Wood Finance and Data Assistant m.wood@elutec.co.uk
Mr A Zakervizadeh Engineering Teacher a.zakervizadeh@elutec.co.uk
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