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Connecting students during COVID-19

During the lockdown, Elutec Academy has been doing its best to help students to continue their studies through virtual learning. One of the initiatives to aid this was to lend laptops to students to ensure they can access the live streamed lessons and to do their homework.

Elutec Academy & Sixth Form began to quickly assess students’ needs with regard to IT in February of this year as the threat of the pandemic began to take hold of the country. By March 2020, with the closure of the school in response to Government guidelines, Elutec Academy enabled all students to have laptops in order to keep up with school work and have the best tools to help them continue with their learning.

As the pandemic continued Elutec Academy released online learning schedules and timetables which all students joined via the equipment lent to them. IT professionals have been on hand throughout to help with IT issues and resolve problems as fast as possible. As we moved into June and the return to school buildings Elutec Academy has continued to support students with technology and learning using laptops within classes and explaining how best to use the tools they have. Students remain engaged and enthused with the blended learning programme.

In September as the school begins to re-open fully, we will continue to be support our students’ with the best tools, and provide the expert support they need to succeed.

“The laptops were needed as it gave each student their own resource rather than having to share with siblings or parents/carers who were having to work from home”.
Mr T Edwards, Elutec Business Manager

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