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Grid For Good - A National Grid Programme - Session 3

To all Year 13 students

The final of three virtual sessions to take place:

Thursday 21st January 1:40pm - 2:40pm

The three virtual sessions will:

  • introduce the students to the Energy Sector and the wide range of Engineering and STEM careers that are available
  • explain how the Assessment process works for applying for Apprenticeships and to give guidance and tips on how to approach the process
  • the importance and some practical activities in developing the soft skills that employers want in their employees
  • give some real-life job opportunities available for students completing the programme
  • the programme has a mentoring scheme and students will be given an opportunity to work with a Mentor to support them through the next stage of the programme and possibility of an apprenticeship
  • extra 4 individual sessions if Mentorship taken up
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