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GCSE Results

Elutec Year 11 students have secured yet another year of positive GCSE results with three quarters of the cohort achieving a standard pass in GCSE Maths.

The Principal, Kim Donovan-Maddix states:

“I am delighted that the hard work of both the students and staff have enabled the majority of Elutec students to secure their place on their level 3 courses”.

Elutec GCSE Results Photo 4

Cameron Page gained grade 9 in Maths, grade 8 in English Literature, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science also grade *2 in Engineering Design and grade D2 in Engineering Systems Control

Elutec GCSE Results Photo 5

Ariadna Ciorba is very proud of her grade 9 in Russian and grade 8 in English Literature

Some of the other excellent exam results achieved by the students:

Priestly Adejo gained grade 9 in Physics, grade 8 in English Language, grade 7 in Biology, Chemistry, English Literature and Maths, also grade D2 in Engineering Design

Ronnie Anderson gained grade 9 in Maths, grade 8 in Chemistry and grade 7 in Physics and Computer Science

Mantas Kalnietis gained grade 7 in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Computer Science, grade 6 in English Language, English Literature and Maths also grade D2 in Engineering Design

Jordan Ssetimba gained grade 8 in Maths, grade 7 in Chemistry and Physics


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