Welcome to Elutec …….. Engineering. Education. Employment.

Elutec is a new University Technical College for East London and Essex for 14-19 year olds looking to specialise in engineering or design.

Elutec is an exciting new school for students interested in engineering, design and manufacturing. 

Ruth Umerah, Principal

Mrs Umerah, Principal

It is one of a new breed of school in the UK called a University Technical College (UTC) focused on delivering high quality technical education alongside more traditional academic subjects. Our motto is ‘Engineering. Education. Employment’ and our aim is to inspire young people in East London and Essex to become the next generation of talented engineers and designers through a really positive education experience which equips them with the skills, knowledge and personal qualities they need to have a successful career in industry.

At Elutec the curriculum and learning techniques will be unique, allowing students to combine theory with practical activities: putting learning into practice in our purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities. Our students will benefit from a wide range of extension activities, allowing them exceptional opportunities to pursue many different interests outside the main curriculum.

Elutec hours will be more like business hours than normal schools and colleges, but the curriculum will encourage a structured and effective use of time, meaning that there will be no homework in year 10 and 11 (except for those students studying for GCSE German). Sixth formers will have some homework but should be able to do most of it during their timetabled study periods. This progressive, 21st Century approach to education has some very traditional values at heart and at Elutec we will place huge emphasis on self-discipline, good behaviour, dress code, teamwork and co-operation.




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Building the Elutec Community has started. The  college opened in September 2014 and there is a  schedule to ensure that everything is in place to  achieve this hugely ambitious vision. To be part of  the journey and be kept informed at every stage,  register here>>



Our Pledge

Our pledge is to equip every student who successfully completes their studies at Elutec with the skills and qualifications to give them the opportunity to progress to one of the following:

• An employment opportunity
(a job in a relevant industry)
• An apprenticeship
• A further or higher
education place


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